About Amy Mills

A passion for music, the art of performance and a desire to be better than she was the day before keeps Amy driven and excited about each day.

Alongside her many talents and positive energy, Amy’s solid work ethic and attention to detail have opened countless doors in the performing arts disciplines of voice, dance and acting.

Over the years Amy has been a part of a wide variety of stage shows, film and dance festivals. Specializing in Brazilian “Samba no Pé”, as well as other Latin Dances and dance fitness programs, today she continues to bring her wealth of stage and teaching experience to every project she tackles.

Amy plans to continue to seek out new, exciting and rewarding opportunities. If you would like to request Amy for your upcoming event please click here.

What people are saying about Amy Mills dance skills

I am brazilian and mulata, and I can’t believe that she dances so amazing like this!! I was born believing that samba is in brazilian blood, so nobody could dance better than us, but i was wrong, she’s a-ma-zing! Better than many mulatas from Rio! Congratulations!

I think the deference between the best brazilian dancers and Amy is that she ,the whole dance, doesn’t attentionally flirt.as they do sometime.plus she has a bit more fierceness , speed, and control of all muscles ! those factors make her perform more attractively .

…not only is her body amazing, her dance skills are ridiculous. id give anything to know 1/3 of what she does. you are the s**t!